Core Advantage Program


The Core Advantage Program is your golden ticket to battery bliss! The entry-level, yet full featured NANO Slim 98wh packs offer you all the benefits of Core’s premium packs but at a very economical price.  BUT, the packs also give you the opportunity to upgrade to our NEO or Helix packs by carrying a 25%* voucher towards future purchase. Consider this a loyalty discount once you realize how great our packs are.
To exercise the program you just need to take these few steps;

-Contact us after you have owned the pack for 60 days

-Provide your serial number

-Provide where you would like to purchase

-Go get another pack to add to your fleet at 25% off
Easy as that.
To start the process, please fill out the form below.

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Your Phone Number(required)

Battery Serial Number (I.E. BP6...)

Someone will be in touch within 1 business day with further details.
*25% discount is off battery MSRP.  The voucher is only good for one pack per serial number provided.