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Hypercore 150 and 98 Batteries Provide the Long-Lasting Power Needed on Music Video and Television Show Sets

ATLANTA, GA, MARCH 14, 2018 – Atlanta-based Steadicam Operator Jessica Lopez has worked on big-name shoots ranging from the Wiz Khalifa “Something New” music video to the CW Valor series. While the needs of each shoot vary, one thing remains consistent throughout, Lopez’s certainty that Core SWX’s Hypercore 150  and  Hypercore 98  batteries will provide the lasting power needed for her Steadicam and accessories, no matter how long the day goes.


The typical shoot day for Lopez lasts 10- to 16-hours on top of traveling from location to location, leaving her and her equipment constantly on the move with limited opportunities for recharging. With busy days filled with variables and unknowns, she has come to rely on Core’s Hypercore batteries for their slim design and performance consistency. “Reliability and weight are definitely the two most important things,” says Lopez. “I go into each job with a number of unknown variables that require my full attention. Core batteries are the one thing that’s always predictable and doesn’t require a second thought, allowing me to focus more on the creative aspects of my work.”


In addition to all day performance, Lopez has found the Hypercore 150’s power to weight ratio to be beneficial, allowing her freedom from the heavy weight that sometimes comes with powerful batteries. “I can get more power out of the Hypercore 150’s without changing them out, doing longer takes and not weighing down my rig,” says Lopez. “Having a lightweight solution without compromising power is the best of both worlds.”


Lopez was recently on location in Malibu for music video shoots for Wiz Khalifa and Julia Michaels. These projects allowed no room for error when it came to having the proper equipment. “These were situations where I needed to have all my gear handy, because the locations were remote with no opportunity to charge my batteries,” recalls Lopez. “For example, the Wiz Khalifa music video was shot with various cameras and the Steadicam, which were exclusively and successfully powered by Core, without a glitch.”


Lopez also has great experience with the Hypercore batteries on television shoots, most recently on Valor, which is a drama based on one of the first female U.S. Army pilots. Lopez draws inspiration from this storyline, as she arms herself with Core batteries to instill confidence in herself. She has found that the products’ compatibility with various chargers, including Anton/Bauer, gives her the convenient ability to “run and gun” on set and to scale down the size of her kit.


Not only has Lopez experienced positive things with Core’s products, she has also developed a great professional relationship with the company itself. “I am happy to be a Core SWX customer,” notes Lopez. “The contacts I’ve worked with know the gear first hand and make themselves available to work with me on an individual basis.”