Q: My Core SWX product appears to be functioning incorrectly.  What are my return and repair options?
A: Core SWX requires a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for all items in need of repair or being returned. To receive an RMA number, complete our online RMA form (easiest method), call us at 1-888-283-9995 or e-mail support@coreswx.com

Q: Where do I send my repairs/returns?
A: After receiving an RMA #, please mail your product and RMA form to:

Core SWX Service
91 Commercial St.
Plainview, NY 11803



Q: How long are my Core SWX products under warranty?

A: Core SWX warranty coverage is as follows:

NP Batteries: 1 year
XP batteries: 1.5 years; 1 year on RED products
HyperCore Batteries (98, 150, 190, Prime): 2 Year Warranty
Hypercore Slim 7 & 8: 1 Year Warranty
Powerbase 70 and Powerbase Edge: 1 year
Chargers: 3 years
Electronic Regulation Cables (XP) and Accessories: 1 year
Non-regulation cables(PT): Lifetime

Q: My Core SWX product is not working and is out of warranty.  What are my options?
A: Core SWX offers lifetime support on our entire product line.  We are happy to assess your product issue and discuss available solutions.



Q: Is my Hypercore battery compatible with other charger models?
A: The Hypercore Gold (3-Stud) series will also charge on Anton/Bauer Lithium Ion chargers firmware V3.6 and up.  V-mount offerings will also charge on IDX, SONY and RED chargers.




Q: How does the boost function work? The boost function turns on if it determines the on-board battery starts to faulter. Lets say your on-board battery pack can support a maximum draw of 10A. When you initially startup your camera setup(with monitor, wireless FF, etc.), your initial draw goes up to 12A, the EVO would “boost” and offer an additional 2A of current to support the draw. Effectively, the EVO and the on-board would function up to 25A (10A battery, 15A EVO).

Q: Will the remaining capacity from the battery still be transferred to the camera’s LCD through the EVO? Or does the camera assume it is receiving DC input? Yes, the EVO passes through the onboard battery data to RED DSMC2 cameras.

Q: Presumably the camera bypasses the EVO internal battery and draws power from the battery at the back first, how does it know to do this? The EVO detects that their is an on-board battery connected, and as long as the on-board battery pack can support the load, the battery backup function is in a dormant state. During this dormant state, the EVO will sample a little bit of current from the on-board battery pack to recharge the EVO backup battery pack should it need recharge.

Q: Does the EVO charge on standard v-lock/stud chargers? The EVO charges from battery packs, not standard chargers. Once you connect a new battery pack to the EVO to power your camera, it will also charge the EVO back up for the next time your battery dies, or you can charge it without being connected to a device as well by simple attaching a battery.

Q: Does the LCD display the Ampage the camera system is using? How does this figure relate to accessories mounted to the p-taps on the EVO as well as the base expander and the battery itself? The EVO displays the draw of every part of the system being powered by the on-board battery pack, by calculating the current leaving the on-board pack through the main power terminal on the battery pack. This includes all aspects you mention. The only possibility of it not calculating all equipment in use is if you directly connect a device to the power tap or USB on the on-board battery pack.

Q: Do you need to purchase the DSMC2 to V-Mt version in order for the side modules to work? Or could you use the V-Mt to V-Mt with modules also? You don’t need to purchase the DSMC2 to V-Mt version for the power modules. One module is included on the DSMC2 version, but there are no modules included in the price for the V-mt to V-mt or gold mount to gold mount versions. On those two versions, the modules will be sold separately which is why we’re currently running a preorder special that if one of those models are preordered before the estimated ship date of August 1, 2018 then they will receive one module for free.



Q: Can I purchase directly through Core SWX?
A: You can purchase through the Core SWX online store, or via one of Core SWX’ authorized dealers. To see where your local authorized dealer is here.

Q: Can I purchase specific parts through Core SWX?
A: Parts may be purchased through Core SWX directly at MSRP.