How To: Power Anything BlackMagic (URSA Mini Pro, Micro Cinema Camera, BMCC, BMPCC)

As the preferred power solution for BlackMagic, we pride ourselves on making affordable, durable and unique solutions for all of their cameras.

With URSA Mini Pro making its way into the hands of filmmakers across the globe, we want to make sure you have what you need to keep it running. You need reliable, long-lasting power and that’s what you’ve entrusted us to deliver.

Before we discuss batteries though, let’s mention the appropriate plates you will immediately need for the HC98_UrsaMiniURSA Mini Pro (as well as URSA Mini and URSA). The GP-S-URSA (v-mount) and GP-A-URSA (3-stud/Gold mount) mount appropriately to the camera, and the choice in mount style is a matter of preference if you are starting new. The choice is simple should you already have either mount battery packs in your arsenal. Each mount plate is outfitted with 2 P-taps and the specific BMD URSA 12way Molex connector needed to power the camera as well as screw hardware for proper attachment. Now, onto the batteries!

The Hypercore series of battery packs employ the very latest in lithium ion technology, and are constructed with the specific purpose of handling and sustaining high power draws. They entail many great features; 1000 charge/discharge cycle rating, Runtime LCD, built in accelerometer/sleep mode function, to name a few.

The Hypercore batteries are the most charge compatible in the industry as well, so if you have pre-existing charging stations, there is a good chance you only need to invest in the battery packs for the camera, furthering your ROI on your charger.

Hypercore capacity offerings (75wh, 85wh, 98wh, 150wh, Prime) are air-travel friendly and available in both v-mount and 3-stud (gold) mount.

Hypercore provides the maximum return on investment from a service life, operation and feature, but if budgets are tight, our Nano series is a great option. The Nano series consists of two 98wh packs (1 V-Mount and 1 3-Stud mount), and like all of the Core SWX brick offerings, the Nano batteries have an integrated p-tap and USB, and a 4-LED power gauge on the side of the battery.

If you have a BMCC, these Hypercore and Nano battery options will work with this camera as well. All you will need is different mount plate. The appropriate battery plates customized for the Black Magic 2.5k/4k are GP-S-BMCC (V-mount) and GP-A-BMCC (3-stud/Gold mount). Each plate has a 20” cable to plug into the DC input on the camera and offers two additional P-taps, to power other production accessories.

Our flagship battery option for the BMCC is the PowerBase 70. Our PB70-BMCC has undoubtedly been the most popular option, and we know why, this is your best option for BlackMagic 2.5K and 4K. The 77wh lithium-ion battery pack, will quadruple the run-time of your BMCC 2K or 4K. We have heard from users that it has lasted more than 6 hours in some instances! The PB70-BMCC can also double as a grip at the bottom on the camera. In addition, the battery component of the PB70-BMCC can be used as a standard V-mt battery for other applications (if you upgrade cameras later on or using on a LED panel light as alternate power).

The PowerBase solution can also work with the BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera. This camera accepts LP-E6 style batteries which is what the adapter on the original PB70 model is for. The PB70 regulator cable locks into the back of the Micro Cinema camera where a standard LP-E6 battery would normally go, and the PB70 battery pack can attached to the bottom of the camera with a ¼-20, or wherever else you wish to mount the battery pack. This option allows you to power your Micro Cinema Camera for about 6 hours.

The PowerBase solution also works with the BlackMagic Pocket Camera with the help of the Pocket Conversion Cable (BMPC-EXT). This handy cable adapts to the larger DC pin on the BMCC to the smaller one for the Pocket. Any of our products with a “BMCC” in the part number can be utilize the conversion cable for the Pocket.. The Pocket Conversion Cable is 6” in length, but if you’re looking for a longer cable, no need to fret, we also make one in 24” (BMPC-EXT24).

Our solution comes in the form of the PocketBase. It allows you to power the camera up to 5 hrs with two LP-E6 type batteries, while simultaneously charging the removable internal battery. By keeping the internal battery inside the Pocket Camera during operation, you can then hotswap the LP-E6 batteries within the PocketBase for continuous camera operation.

The Pocketbase can mount easily under the camera with an included 1/4-20 thumbscrew, which allows a seamless integration. By attaching the included grips, it allows for comfortable hold without need of a rig. Weighing in at less than 1 lbs., the PocketBase is an integral accessory for all your Pocket Camera powering needs.

For those Pocket Camera owners with a rig setup, the PocketBase has three ¼-20 attachment points on the bottom to mount a rod clamp or any other ¼-20 accessory.