Hello Kernel Team,

You are visiting this webpage because you have received batteries from Core SWX as part of a 2017 Capital purchase.   We have discovered some of these new 2-piece batteries will not come out of storage mode- thus resulting in them not taking a charge at all or taking many hours. We are working with the Kernel Operations team and request that you exchange all new 2 piece V-Mount batteries via this form, even if they are operable.

After filling out the form and submitting, our staff will be in contact and be shipping you promptly replacement packs based on the information submitted.  The shipment will contain new asset tagged packs, as well as a UPS return shipping tag so their is $0 cost involved.  Please use the packaging received to return your old packs.

The packs that are returned to you will come pre-asset tagged using Spectrum asset tags for you – and the Kernel inventory will be updated accordingly.

You can request up to 6 packs via this form.  If you have more then 6, please submit an additional form request.

This program is valid until 07/15/2017