Product Support

Product Support

Product Support
For all support or technical questions and concerns, please email or call 516-595-7488.

For Repair/Returns
Core SWX requires a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for all items being returned or in need of repair. To receive an RMA number please fill out our online RMA form. Should you experience and issue completing the ticket please call us at 516-595-7488 or e-mail

Warranty Details
Our battery Systems offers one of the best warranties in the industry. We pledge to the highest quality of support on our entire product line.

Core SWX warranty coverage is as follows:

NP Batteries: 1 Year Warranty
XP batteries: 1.5 Year Warranty; 1 Year on RED Products
Nano-M and Nano Slim Batteries: 1 year Warranty
Nano Micro Batteries: 2 year Warranty
REDVOLT BP: 1 year Warranty
HyperCore Batteries (98Wh, 150Wh, 190Wh, Prime): 2 Year Warranty
Hypercore Slim 7 and 8: 1 Year Warranty
Powerbase: 1 Year Warranty
Chargers: 3 year Warranty
Electronic Regulation Cables(XP) and Accessories: 1 Year Warranty
Non-regulation cables(PT): Lifetime Warranty
TorchLED Bolt: 1 Year Warranty