3-Stud Plate with 4-pin XLR


VoltBridge Enabled 3-Stud Plate with 2 powertaps and 4-pin XLR output. For LED Panel Lights with XLR power input. BlueTooth Low Energy transmitter to convey Smart Battery Data to VoltBridge iOS/Android App.


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VoltBridge is a battery monitoring platform utilizing a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) UART to transmit smart battery data to iOS/Android devices, allowing the user to monitor and set low battery warnings, via push notifications, on up to 25 devices per tablet/smart phone.

The BLE is installed in the battery mount plates of leading manufacturers’ production equipment.  Depending on the battery’s intelligence level, VoltBridge will provide you with at minimum voltage. Some leading brands will yield percentage levels, and in the most advanced packs like Hypercore, hours and minutes will display.

The most important element of VoltBridge is that the user can set 3 unique warning levels based on voltage, percentage, or runtime.