3-Stud Jetpack X for RED


Size: 6.25″ x 4″ x 2.2”
1.9 lbs.
Power Input:
11-17vdc via battery plate and 6-pin 2B Lemo
Below outputs have battery backup:
LEMO(1B) Output for Epic/Scarlet: DC 11-17v, Unregulated
P-Tap(2) Outputs: DC 11-17v, Unregulated
USB Output:
5V, 1a**
LEMO 2-pin(0B):
5v, 3a
LEMO 4-pin(0B):
12v, 3a
LEMO 4-pin(0B):
12v, 3a
Mounting Points:
1/4-20 threads on bottom, M3 hole pattern for WC Quickback, cheeseplate backing with additional 1/4-20s
Optional Additional X Module attachment plate (has screw pattern for attaching to camera both v-mt and 3 stud screw pattern)

Backorder 5 to 7 days



The all aluminum JetPack X has all the standard JetPack features but adds a built-in battery backup capable of withstanding a 200w load for up to 5 minutes when batteries are not connected.

The JPX feature three LEMO outputs (5v, 7v, 12v), a USB power connection, and 2 unregulated powertaps all backed up, on either a V or 3-Stud mount plate configuration.  The JPX adds a 2-pin Amp connector power connection which can connect directly to ENG cameras behind the included cheese plate.
In addition to the cheese plate, the JPX has 3 1/4-20 mounts on the bottom(one centered, one set 18mm apart for rail mounts), and an X-Mod mount plate which can attach the JPX to any V-mount and 3-Stud hole pattern(cameras, battery mount plates, rail mount cheese plates).

The JPX s part of the X-Mod system featuring a quick connect/disconnect system which allows you to “piggy-back” a Recon X5 wireless transmission module, and transfer power through to the camera.
-Power connection to your RED Scarlet/Epic
-Two powertap outputs (power monitors, lights, etc.)
-One USB output (i.e. Redmote, Tascam DR-05, other USB device)
-One 5v Lemo output (i.e. Zoom, AJA)
-Two 12v regulated outputs (i.e. Blackmagic, 12v accessories).
The JetPack includes three 1/4-20 mounting points on the bottom, as
well as a “cheese” backplate, which offers additional 1/4-20.
The JetPack also includes the M3 screw pattern to be mounted to a Wooden Camera
Quick Back, creating the most convenient mounting option onto the back of your Epic/Scarlet.