Transportation Information


Guidelines for Traveling with Lithium-ion Batteries

Luggage guidelines

  • For those who use XP-L150 or Hypercore-150, you can have one battery attached to your camera in your checked bag. You can also have two spares, but they must be in your carry-on luggage. Transporting these higher capacity is at the discretion of your airline, so please be sure to check with them ahead of time.
  • There are no restrictions on XP-L90 or Hypercore-98, you can bring as many as you can fit in your carry-on luggage.
  • All batteries except for the one mounted on your camera (if the camera is packed in your checked bag) must be in your carry on, no batteries are allowed in checked bag unless they are mounted on the camera.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to ship your camera with a battery attached, make sure it is off and if equipped, locked off so it will not activate in flight.

How to package spare batteries:

  • Pack each battery individually
  • Separate devices from their batteries whenever possible
  • There should be cushioning material between spare batteries to prevent them from damaging each other.
  • Packaging material should be non-conductive, and should either consist of the original retail packaging, a plastic bag, a battery case, or placing tape on the battery terminals
Battery Model Total Lithium (g)
Hypercore-98S 7.92
Hypercore-98AG 7.92
Hypercore-150S 10.56
Hypercore-150AG 10.56
XP-L90S 7.92
XP-L90A 7.92
XP-L95RED 7.92
XP-L150S 10.56
XP-L150A 10.56
HC-7S 6.6
HC-7AG 6.6
HC-7R 6.6
PowerBase 5.88


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